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Body Piercing

Body Piercings

Live Loud Studios offers full body piercings, from advanced to basic piercings. We provide a quality experience with a classy high end environment, modern technique, and thorough aftercare instruction. All of our piercing staff is fully certified and licensed, and we follow all local laws and regulations. We use only the highest quality of jewelry, and pride ourselves in our sterilization skills. All clients must present a state issued picture ID, and must be over the age of eighteen, or sixteen with parental consent. Parental consent must present ID with matching last name, or address. Stop in today for your next piercing.

Piercings we offer

Ear Piercings

Lobe Helix Tragus Rook Daith Conch Industrial Snug Tapering

Oral Piercings

Lip Snake Bites Angel Bits Monroe Medusa Vertical Medusa Labret Vertical Labret Tongue

Facial And Body Piercings

Navel Eyebrow Nostril Septum Bridge Micro-Dermal Surface Nipple Genital